Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Discover and celebrate the creative artistic works and achievements of students from within isolation

We are proud to exhibit arts in isolation projects produced by University of Hull students for various modules within the School of the Arts. These are extraordinary achievements for students who have worked within the limitations and restrictions of isolation throughout this difficult time to produce such inspiring works. This showcase will be regularly updated with more student projects and voices from different departments.

Student Short Films

In the Moving Image Techniques screen module, University of Hull film studies students have been producing short films in isolation with emphasis on interpretation and playfulness. This selection of four short films based on the briefs of either “fly” and “art (in isolation)” that have been underpinned by concepts of back to basics, guerilla, DIY and lo-fi filmmaking.

Hamlet in Lockdown

Eighteen University of Hull drama students have collaborated in writing, adapting and performing a modern retelling of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet within lockdown, which unfolds in real time. The students conveyed the interaction of characters via various forms of digital multimedia such as vlogs and social media posts.

STROKESTRA®-Inspired Online Music Workshops

University of Hull music students voiced their experiences in working with members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in STROKESTRA®-inspired online music workshops to help support local stroke patients.

Students Working in Music: Audio Production Assistants

In the Working in Music module, three University of Hull music students express their experiences working remotely as Audio Production Assistants alongside an Arts in Isolation Team Member for the Second Virtual Concert Series.

Saoirse’s Radio Broadcasting Blog

University of Hull music student Saoirse highlights her experiences and achievements working from home as a radio broadcaster for Radio Alty in this insightful blog entry.

Student Microfilms

In the Art of Filmmaking and Television & Factual Production modules, University of Hull undergraduate screen students have been producing microfilms within lockdown that convey and interpret abstract themes through their own perspectives. This creative selection of 10 student microfilms are based on the briefs of “I am…”, “A Day in the Life…” and “Art is…”.

Hull’s Metamorphoses

University of Hull drama and theatre practice students developed Hull’s Metamorphoses, an online geo-located walking tour of Hull that features five dramatic monologues exploring different areas of Hull’s past, present and future within the city. Inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, this project hopes to connect and aspire the people of Hull through utilising the arts to combat the loneliness and social isolation of the pandemic as well as emphasising the importance of the city’s ability to overcome the challenges it faces.

More Student Projects coming soon