Student Microfilms

Student Microfilms

These microfilms based on the concepts of “I am…”, “A Day in the Life…” and “Art is…” have been created by first and second year screen students for the Art of Filmmaking and Television & Factual Production modules.

*Please note that all films produced were following social distancing guidelines released by the Government at the time of recording.

I am a Stutterer by Harrison Tinley

Produced, filmed and edited by Harrison Tinley. Royalty-Free music by Juan Sánchez.

Curator’s Note: This touching and motivating microfilm chronicles Harrison’s daily life with his stutter, known as “The Purple Devil”, as he helps to inspire others by expressing his feelings and life experiences through words, poetry and creative stories to raise awareness of childhood fluency disorder.

Mirror by Jess Corbett

Produced, filmed and edited by Jess Corbett. ‘Mirror’ poem by Sylvia Plath. Royalty-free music by Ethan Schuster.

Curator’s Note: Framed in the perspective of a mirror, this poetic microfilm captures the visual portrayal of Sylvia Plath’s ‘Mirror’ through interpreted synchronised actions and edits that collate to form a balanced reflective thinking piece.

A Day in the Life of a Spider by Karl Duke

Produced, filmed and edited by Karl Duke. Royalty-Free music by Decktonic.

Curator’s Note: Featuring elements of animation and DIY puppetry, this microfilm documents the actions of a particular spider’s daily life through edited segments of authentic vintage titles and narration.

Take for Granted by Ian McFayden

Produced, filmed and edited by Ian McFayden. Royalty-Free music by DJ Beats.

Curator’s Note: Utilising layered framing and editing techniques, this microfilm reflects on the small luxuries we take for granted in our daily lives, from highlighting natural and environmental resources to observing our advancements and continuous developments.

I am Distracted Easily by Eleanor Chambers

Produced, filmed and edited by Eleanor Chambers. Royalty-Free music by Scott Buckley.

Curator’s Note: This sincere microfilm expresses Eleanor’s perspective and feelings of how the difficulties of national lockdown have affected her daily routine in Hull, as she continues to strive for success in her creative endeavors through determination and her positive attitude to further inspire hope.

I am a Food Lover by Lucy Jenkins

Produced, filmed and edited by Lucy Jenkins. Royalty-Free music by Chris Zabriskie.

Curator’s Note: This influential microfilm spotlights Lucy’s positive self-growth through her love of baking and cooking food as she helps to inspire others in gaining self-confidence and learning to love themselves.

Draw my Life by Daniel Scott

Produced, filmed and edited by Daniel Scott. Royalty-Free music by Clarence Reed.

Curator’s Note: In this personal microfilm, Daniel visually expresses his life experiences through drawing key aspects of his life to articulate how he has positively developed against negative situations and national lockdown as Daniel looks forward to his new ventures in Hull and beyond.

A Day in the Life of a Cat by Joe Skow

Produced, filmed and edited by Joe Skow. Royalty-Free music by Edvard Grieg.

Curator’s Note: This fun and playful microfilm frames audiences through the first and third-person perspectives of a mischievous cat that causes havoc both indoors and outdoors, from jumping over obstacles to climbing fences and disrupting local wildlife.

Art by Corey Bradley

Produced, filmed and edited by Corey Bradley. Royalty-Free music by Kyle Dringus.

Curator’s Note: This narrative microfilm comments on surpassing creative blocks and self-doubt as two people exchange drawings to encourage and aspire themselves against the struggles and frustrations of isolation and the world around them.

Art is by Lee Bowers

Produced, filmed and edited by Lee Bowers. Concept by Lee Bowers. Original score composed by Jack Brown. Makeup by Rob Barker. Special thanks to Rob Barker, David Bowers, Kevin Brooker, Jack Brown, Chris Carr, Jamie Ramshaw and the artists of Hull.

Curator’s Note: This inspiring microfilm is a grand collaborative effort that explores the meanings, forms and creativity of art through a modern lens in celebration of artist expression against the restrictions and limitations caused by the global pandemic.