STROKESTRA®-Inspired Online Music Workshops

STROKESTRA®-Inspired Online Music Workshops

“I found the overall experience to be fantastic, and will absolutely be willing to join the RPO on any other online music therapy sessions in the future. Participating in their sessions has shown me how much it can impact a person’s quality of life, and truly help them recover and grow to do things they never thought they had the confidence to do.”

Adelle, University of Hull Music Student & Workshop Participant

“I was ready to act and look professional and take up the tasks they give out seriously, even though the sessions were held online in zoom calls. However, I had noticed that the energy and relationship between the RPO Team and the clients were similar to a relationship with a friend or a family member because everyone seemed to get along so well. It may have been a professional atmosphere with the team working with the clients but the way we all spoke to each other was informal and yet very amicable and supporting.”

Miguel, University of Hull Music Student & Workshop Participant

Based on the award winning STROKESTRA® programme developed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, University of Hull Music Students express their experiences taking part in these innovative online music workshops.

In November and December 2020, University of Hull music students worked alongside creative practitioners and musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) in weekly online workshops carried out over Zoom. The workshops consisted of music sessions with a variety of activities that utilises music therapy techniques to help support local stroke patients and their carers during the pandemic.

University of Hull music undergraduate students Adelle and Miguel participated in every workshop and had the chance to lead and curate music sessions together with aid from members of the RPO. Both students have advocated great value in these workshops and a strengthened career interest in music therapy through observing the capabilities of music enhancing client wellbeing and rehabilitation.

Adelle expressed a strong sense of accomplishment and enjoyment in leading music sessions, which have helped clients improve their speech development through music performance and participation. These workshops enhanced Adelle’s communication and leadership skills with clients when building a comfortable and welcoming environment as well as further motivated her aspirations of becoming a music therapist.

Miguel commented that he gained an increased understanding and appreciation of music therapy through witnessing the therapeutic bond between clients and members of the RPO in the workshops. Miguel especially found the experience very rewarding and insightful when helping clients improve their recovery through collaborating in musical tasks and exercises. Miguel now plans to take on a Master’s course on music therapy after he graduates in hopes of working full-time within a music therapy establishment.

Although the primary STROKESTRA® programme is postponed due to the pandemic, these music sessions have since provided participants with a taste of the live workshops, tailored musical content and a warm positive sense of community. The online music sessions will continue to run until the main STROKESTRA® programme can resume. For more details and information about the STROKESTRA® programme, please visit the STROKESTRA® webpage.

*Please note that all students and participants of the STROKESTRA® inspired online music workshops were following relevant social distance guidelines released by the Government.