Nebula 75: A Day of Puppets

Nebula 75: A Day of Puppets

To kickstart our Create From Home Series, the team behind the Nebula 75 lockdown puppet drama series presents an exciting full-day event for all ages in Middleton Hall on May 27th!

On May 27th, the Arts in Isolation team organised the Nebula 75: A Day of Puppets event, which showcased Supermarionation and ‘Superisolation’ filming techniques to help encourage and inspire people of all ages to create art in isolation.

The free full-day event hosted the production team behind Thunderbirds: The Anniversary Episodes for a live screening and Q&A of their new Supermarionation web series, Nebula 75. The show was created by Stephen La Rivière and Andrew T. Smith with their team between March-June 2020, which was filmed entirely under UK lockdown conditions with remaining puppets, props and materials used in previous productions as well as surrounding bookshelves, cardboard boxes and other household objects for set design. Not constrained by its living-room studio origins the series has gone on to earn a dedicated fanbase and has been profiled on BBC Radio 4, Channel 4, and in the Radio Times. In addition to a live screening and Q&A session, the Nebula 75 team also gave an exclusive live onstage filming demonstration of Supermarionation puppetry techniques in ‘Superisolation’, along with a discussion showcasing how art and creativity can thrive in the most unpredictable and challenging of circumstances.

The Nebula 75: A Day of Puppets event was broadcasted live to worldwide audiences and to local Hull schools and colleges from Middleton Hall at the University of Hull. The event was divided into morning and afternoon sessions that took place between 10am and 4pm with breaks. Both sessions of the Nebula 75: A Day of Puppets event are available to watch on this page.

For more information about Nebula 75, please visit the Nebula 75 website.

*Please note that this event was following relevant social distancing guidelines released by the Government.

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