Music Webinar Series

Music Webinar Series

The Music Webinar Series presented by lecturers from The Music Department at The University of Hull.

These webinars are aimed at 14-18 year olds who are interested in the study of music.

Each webinar will be shown on the Music at The University of Hull Facebook and Instagram pages, which will later be available to view here:

The Nuts & Bolts of Popular Music – Presented by Dr. Mark Slater

Introduction to Music Psychology – Presented by Dr. Elaine King & Dr. Helen Prior

Music, Objects, Musical Objects – Presented by Dr. Peter Elsdon

The Psychoacoustics of Spatial Hearing: A Practical Introduction – Presented by Dr. Matthew Barnard

Composers and Performers in Collaboration – Presented by Dr. Simon Desbruslais

Breakbeats & Groove – Presented by Dr. Rowan Oliver

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