Virtual Concert Series

The Virtual Concert Series

In partnership with Polyphony Arts, Hull Music Club and Virtual Concert Halls, we present a selection of young and upcoming classical performers from the Hull Music Recital Club performing some of their favourite pieces within their homes.

This Concert features:

Isabella Watson (Voice)

Tyler Wood (Cello)

Srinidhi Krishnan (Flute)

Harry Kneeshaw (Violin) accompanied by Sam Young (Piano)

Hana Drabkova (Oboe) accompanied by Graziana Presicce (Piano)

Brice Catherin (Cello) accompanied by Graziana Presicce (Piano)

Beverley Minster Boys Choir (Directed by Robert Poyser)

Beverley Minster Junior Girls Choir (Directed by Robert Poyser)

Beverley Minster Senior Girls Choir (Directed by Robert Poyser)

*Please note that all performers in this concert were following relevant social distance guidelines released by the Government at the time of recording.

Artistic Director: Dr. Elaine King
Video Creator/Editor: Lewis Chadwick
Post-Production Supervisor: Dr. Terry Westby-Nunn
Graphics Designer: Dominic Patel
Project Manager: Dr. Andrew King

This Project is proudly produced in Partnership and Collaboration with: