BBC Introducing Humberside

BBC Introducing Humberside

In partnership with BBC Radio Humberside’s ‘BBC Introducing’, this masterclass discusses and examines how local artists across Humberside have managed to record music in lockdown.

Hosted by Alan Raw in Middleton Hall, BBC Music Introducing held a masterclass discussing methods and improvements for recording, mixing and creating high quality radio standard tracks from home. This masterclass features a panel consisting of music lecturers and industry professionals Wai Wan, Dr. Mark Slater and Dr. Rowan Oliver from the University of Hull.

This episode features music from University of Hull student James Curgenven along with other local artists.

*Please note that all panellists, artists and crew involved in this episode were following relevant social distance guidelines released by the Government at the time of recording.

Video Recording and Editing by Gary Mitchell

Special thanks to the film team, Alan Raw and the rest of the BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Introducing team for their involvement.

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